Patent Invalidity Search

Patent Invalidity Search by The Patent Priorart. Find the most obscure prior-art even from hidden sources by covering 15+ languages/90+ countries.

Why Us

1. Each patent search expert has more than 10 years of experience in patent searching.
2. Experience in analyzing/categorizing the prior arts under novelty (35 USC 102) and obviousness (35 USC 103) references.
3. Comprehensive and Best in Class patent invalidity searches.
4. Quick turn around time
5. 100% on time delivery
6. Budget friendly
7. Worldwide coverage of the patents and other literature
8. Capability to search non-English patent references, for example, Chinese patents, Korean patents, German patents, Japanese patents, etc.

The ONLY Patent Invalidity Search you’ll EVER need.

  • Full Text copies of identified patents.
  • Detailed Search Report including key feature based mapping of the identified prior arts vis a vis claims of the target patent.
  • Analysis of the identified prior arts vis a vis novelty and obviousness ( inventive step)
  • Analysis of claims of the target patent vis a vis patentable subject matter (35 USC 101)
Invalidity Search – USD 1200

Patent Invalidity Search Services by The Patent Priorart