Patentability Search

1.) To ascertain whether your invention is patentable in light of millions of patents and disclosure in the world.

2.)To better define the scope of protection of your invention in the patent application to reduce/manage overall patent cost.
Help identifying similar technologies in the domain.

Why Us

1. Each patent search expert has more than 10 years of experience in patent searching
2. Comprehensive and Best in Class searches
3. Tailor made Patentability search reports
4. Patentability search is performed to not only the novel features of the invention, but also to identify prior arts that helps in scoping the claims of the future patent application.
5. Quick turn around time
6. 100% on time delivery
7. Budget friendly
8. Worldwide coverage of the disclosures

Patentability SEARCH REPORT

  • Full Text copies of identified patents
  • Detailed Search Report including excerpt from the Rank the identified patents based on relevancy.
  • Patentability Analysis of your invitation.
Patentability Search – USD 225

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